Our People


  • Jacqueline Davies (Chair)

  • Neil Bentley (Deputy Chair)

  • Jan Gooding
  • Rachel Harper

  • Peter Havelock
  • Laura McAllister
  • Sheldon Mills

  • Kevin Orford

  • Lisa Pinney

  • Oliver Rowe


Senior Staff

  • Ruth Hunt Acting Chief Executive

  • Laura Doughty Deputy Chief Executive

  • Cathryn Wright Chief Operating Officer

  • Catherine Bosworth Director Fundraising

  • Andrew White Director Stonewall Cymru

  • Colin MacFarlane Director Stonewall Scotland

  • Sam Dick Director of Campaigns

  • Simon Feeke Head of Workplace

Stonewall now employs over 60 staff across England, Scotland and Wales. We regard our staff as our most precious resource and are committed to being an ‘employer of choice’.

In our confidential staff survey, conducted in March 2013, 100% of staff said they were proud to work for Stonewall, 100% of staff said they were committed to the objectives of Stonewall, 96% of staff said that working for Stonewall is fun and 94% of staff said that their work gives them a sense of personal achievement.

Stonewall is committed to promotion of diversity. We believe we have an obligation to ‘role model’ the sort of changes we expect of others. Currently, the proportion of women staff employed by the charity has risen to 53% (up from 36% at September 2006), the proportion of black and minority ethnic staff in our London office has risen to 21% (up from 10% in 2006) and the proportion of our staff who are disabled has risen to 18% (up from 6% in the same period). And 25% of staff are heterosexual.



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