LGB youth groups

Stonewall runs a number of initiatives which the young people you work with might be interested in.

Youth Volunteering Programme 

Stonewall's Youth Volunteering Programme is open to anyone age 16 to 21. The programme upskills young people to run their own six month campaign against homophobic bullying in their local school or community. During this time they are supported by trained Youth Leaders who are volunteers aged 22 and over and provide campaign mentoring.  


Stonewall has produced a number of awareness raising resources such as our Some people are gay. Get over it! posters, postcards and stickers. You can use these and other resources like Travel Card Holders and T-shirts to create an inclusive environment at your youth group. You might also want to get hold of a copy of FIT - Stonewall’s groundbreaking film about homophobia and being young and gay as it can provide great starting points for discussions about the challenges young people in your group may be facing.

We have also produced guides on Supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual young people and on Challenging homophobic language and were commissioned by the Department for Education to write guidance on preventing and tackling homophobic bullying. 

Other ways to get engaged 

Young people walk with Stonewall at London Pride, they attend Stonewall events and speak to the media or volunteer at our offices. Young people can find out more about all the opportunities on the Stonewall Youth Site.  

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If you are a youth worker who would like to get the young people you work with involved with Stonewall or would like to talk to someone about tackling homophobia and promoting an inclusive environment at your youth group then please contact Stonewall’s Youth Coordinator Laurie Oliva.

Laurie Oliva - Youth Coordinator
020 7593 1882


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