None of our staff seem interested in the Diversity Champions programme and our gay staff have no problems working in our organisation, so why should we join?

• Our gay staff are all fine: Is this opinion based on anecdotal feedback or do you have comprehensive data from staff attitude surveys and monitoring data to back this up? Our research shows that experiences can be very different for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees – do you know that the experiences of these three groups are the same?

• We don’t have any gay staff: 6% of the population is estimated as being LGB so statistically you are likely to have some LGB staff, as well as LGB clients, customers and service users. Remember that many of your LGB employees will not be out at work, particularly if they don’t feel that the culture is supportive of them.

• Be proactive: It is more effective to start the journey by becoming a Diversity Champion and working progressively, than to wait until there is a problem. A crisis can damage your reputation and you will spend more time and money trying to retrieve this. 74% of LGB and 42% of straight consumers are less likely to buy products from organisations that are judged to hold negative views of gay people.

• LGB people are active across the economy:  The range of Diversity Champion members demonstrates that there is no such thing as the stereotypical gay friendly employer, but that LGB people are employed across the economy; in private, public and third sectors.