What you can do

The Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010 protects lesbian, gay, bi and trans people from direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation at work. It applies to anyone who is perceived to be lesbian, gay, bi or trans, or anyone who experiences discrimination because they associate with LGBT people.

All employers have to adhere to the Equality Act, regardless of the number of staff they employ or the amount of money they make.

Staff are protected throughout the application and interview process, as well as throughout the term of their employment, including any probation or notice period.


  • Those with full time contracts
  • Those with temporary contracts
  • Contract workers (unless they are genuinely self-employed)
  • Partners
  • Agency staff (in most cases)
  • Vocational trainees
  • Work experience students

Responsibility for ensuring these rules are not breached lies with the organisation you feel has acted unlawfully. This means that agency staff placed with an organisation that acts unlawfully, or employs someone who acts unlawfully, should follow this up with that particular organisation. If the agency acts in a discriminatory way this should be followed up directly with them.

Sexual orientation: The equality act made simple