12 July 2012

‘Some People Are Gay. Get On With It!’

Stonewall calls on government to expedite Marriage Bill

SPAGGOWIStonewall today launches a range of visual materials encouraging the government to expedite its plans to extend the legal form of marriage to gay people and permit religious denominations to celebrate same-sex marriages. ‘Some People Are Gay. Get On With It!’ postcards, social media profile pictures and banners are part of Stonewall's continuing campaign for equal marriage, following the government’s recent consultation.

Ministers have promised to introduce equal marriage by 2015, however the proposal was not included in the recent Queen’s Speech. A recently published YouGov poll commissioned by Stonewall showed that 84 per cent of people under the age of 30 support the proposal.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said: ‘The Deputy Prime Minister, a great supporter of equality, recently talked of “argy-bargy” around equal marriage.  We can help him cut through it – our very straightforward Draft Marriage Bill was published months ago. Much of the work is done – it really is time for the government to get on with it.’

‘We’re determined that same-sex marriage won’t turn into another tuition fees issue, announced with much fanfare and then quietly dropped,’ said Ruth Hunt, Stonewall Director of Public Affairs. ‘We trust the understandably high volume of responses to the government’s recent consultation won’t be used as an excuse for shunting the issue towards the end of this parliament.’

Stonewall’s new ‘Some People Are Gay. Get On With It!’ postcards in support of same-sex marriage are available online - hard copies can also be ordered free. Facebook banners and profile pictures are available too.

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