Want to help? Got some free time and want to help Stonewall's vital work?

Stonewall's demanding agenda is supported by a large, loyal and dedicated team of volunteers - without whom we'd have been unable to secure the progress on equality that we now enjoy in Britain.

For more information on what you could do as a Stonewall volunteer and to apply click here. 

You can hear from some of our volunteers in this short video, as Dusty, Rod, Mel and Alex talk about what they do and why they volunteer.

In our most recent volunteer survey:

  • 98% said they would recommend Stonewall as a good place to volunteer.
  • 95% said they felt valued at Stonewall.
  • 92% said that volunteering at Stonewall is fun.
  • 99% said that they were proud of Stonewall's reputation.
  • 96% said that Stonewall staff are helpful to volunteers.

 There are opportunities for volunteering in all of our teams.


"Being a part of the Youth Volunteering Programme with Stonewall has been an excellent opportunity for me to make a positive change in my community. Working closely with local schools to identify homophobic bullying and language, I learned several things about how young people can get a better understanding of how to embrace their sexuality without being subject to discrimination." Michael Young, Youth Campaigner of the Year 2014

'I really enjoy volunteering here because I respect the work that Stonewall is doing and it gives me a sense of satisfaction to know I'm helping out in some capacity. Everyone on the staff has been very friendly and appreciative.' Ruby

'Homophobia is one of the most explicit and mainstream forms of discrimination. By volunteering at Stonewall I am contributing in some small way to the work that is done here to challenge inequality and discrimination.' Jessie

 'I have volunteered for a lot of different organisations in the past but I really think my time is best used helping Stonewall because the results are real and I never feel my time is wasted.'  Youth volunteer

For more information on what you could do as a Stonewall volunteer and to apply click here. 

  • Click here to find out about our internship opportunities

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