QTIPOC organisations you should know about
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QTIPOC organisations you should know about

This is a list curated by the BAME/PoC Staff Network of the organisations, community groups and social spaces that are creating incredible work and support for QTIPOC people in the UK. This list is not exhaustive, but we hope these organisations can help you or your friends and family if you ever need them. We will constantly be updating this page, so if you know of any groups that we are missing let us know by emailing the network at BAMEPOC.Network@stonewall.org.uk.

Here are some of the key acronyms that will be using throughout this article

  • BAME – Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic
  • POC – People of Colour
  • QTIPOC – Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour
  • LGBTQ – Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer

QTI Coalition of Colour – a network for self-identified QTIPOC in Cambridge.

The network aims to explore, discuss and share experiences of the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and sexual identity and create safe spaces for QTIPOC. They run many events discussing different issues that affect the QTIPOC community, including running the first Cambridge festival for QTIPOC in 2019 - Queer Qandī.

East Midlands

Dosti Leicester – a social and support group for South Asian and Middle Eastern LGBTQ people in Leicester

The group supports communities in Leicester and surrounding areas. It provides a safe space for like minded people to support each other. It aims to support in the access of advice and services offered by Trade Sexual Health, a local LGBT health and sexual health charity. Dosti meet once a month.

QTIPOC Notts – a social group for LGBTQIA+ people of colour in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

The social group aim to bring queer and trans people of colour in Nottingham together. They gather over food and drinks, share ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions and aim to build meaningful connections. They meet on the last Wednesday of each month.


AZ Magazine – an online publication for LGBT+ people of colour

This is a media platform that allows LGBT+ people of colour to showcase their talents and to address the issues that are faced in the BME community. They organise monthly AZ Hub events which are a social space for workshops, screenings, art display, discussion, performance and information sharing. This space is a direct response to the lack of alcohol-free, daytime spaces for LGBT+ people of colour in London.

The BAME LGBT charity – a community focused organisation

The charity aims to empower and celebrate BAME LGBT+ in the UK through various initiatives. They are currently working on their first Entrepreneurship Bootcamp aiming to change the face of business in the UK by empowering more BAME LGBT+ people to become entrepreneurs.

Bi’s Of Colour – a national group for bi people of colour

The group organises meetups, gives talks and collects writings on bisexuals of colour throughout the UK.

Bisi Almi Foundation – a charity supporting social acceptance for LGBT+ Nigerians

Established in 2015, following the enactment of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 in Nigeria, BAF aim to work towards a Nigeria where everyone is equal irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity. They focus on three thematic areas, so as to contribute towards influencing opinions and views on LGBT issues in Nigeria – these are research, capacity development and stakeholder engagement.

BlackOut UK – a not-for-profit social enterprise run by black queer men

This group was created to recognise the need for black queer men to have a space to think, shout, show off, curse, celebrate, launch, reflect, share and be heard. They encourage and stimulate debate and discussion online and face to face through their website, writer workshops, networking events, and supporting interventions to meet the needs of black queer men.

COLOURS Gendered Intelligence – a youth group for trans, gender variant and questioning young people of colour aged 13-24

COLOURS is GI’s youth group that supports young self-identifying trans people of colour, including young people of colour who are unsure or questioning their gender or just looking to meet like-minded people. They organise quarterly events as well as an annual residential programme. They hold screenings, panels and performances to create a celebratory and empowering space.

DesiQ – a social space for queer desi people of South Asian origin

The group welcomes those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, trans, intersex, non-binary, questioning/unsure and queer. The group is an intersectional radical and proud community. They use the space to heal, organise and build connections and ensure the community’s voice is heard.

Gaysians – a platform that promotes positive visibility for South Asian LGBT+ people

Gaysians is an alliance of charities, support groups, meet-ups, activists and leading voices within the community. These groups have joined forces to improve access to resources and services to the South Asian LGBT community, as well as to elevate their collective voice in mainstream media.

Hidayah – an organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims

They offer social and support groups in Manchester, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Leeds. They campaign for the visibility of LGBTQI+ Muslims and work on educational projects and research to highlight the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims in the UK.

House of Rainbow – an international organisation supporting the QTIPOC faith community

The organisation founded by Pastor Jide Macaulay aims to foster better relationships among QTIPOC individuals, people of faith and allies, in order to create a safer and more inclusive community. They assist with issues and challenges such as asylum seekers’ support, sexual health, counselling and pastoral care.

Imaan – an organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims

They campaign for social justice to defeat the stigma, taboo and discrimination faced by many within the community and to give LGBTQI+ Muslims a voice and visibility to gain social acceptance and change. They organise community and educational workshops as well as safe spaces to meet and socialise with other LGBTQI+ Muslims.

Queer Asia – a global platform that publishes and organises events platforming queer people from Asia

Queer Asia is a collective of early career researchers, doctoral researchers and activists, housed at SOAS, University of London. Their work connects queer activists, artists and academics globally who strive to challenge dominant ideas, forms and representations of gender and sexuality. They organise events including monthly seminars, screenings and discussions focusing on specific regions or disciplines pertaining to queer themes from Asia.

The NAZ Project London – a sexual health charity focused on the BAME community

Led by ethnic minorities, NAZ is dedicated to delivering culturally-specific free sexual health services to those historically left behind, recognising the large gap in the sexual health outcomes of BAME communities. They are one of the longest-established charities to focus predominately on sexual health improvement and HIV support services for BAME communities. They reach around 10,000 people each year.

Naz and Matt Foundation - a charity that aims to tackle homophobia triggered by religion to help parents accept their children

Naz and Matt Foundation was set up in 2014 following the sad loss of Matt’s fiancé, Naz, who took his own life two days after his deeply religious family confronted him about his sexuality. Naz and Matt Foundation exists to empower and support LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex) individuals, their friends and family to work towards resolving challenges linked to sexuality or gender identity, particularly where religion is heavily influencing the situation. Individuals who are of South Asian heritage make up over 90% of the LGBTQI+ people who come to them for support. 

Purple Rain Collective – a collective for QTIPOC in the UK

It is a collective space for QTIPOC in the UK to mobilise, converse on their experiences and develop strategies for safety, resistance and liberation. They want QTIPOC people to come together to support each other in prioritising their care, safety and wellbeing as well as creating real dialogue for meaningful discussions.

Sarbat LGBT Sikhs – a social and support group for LGBT Sikhs

They offer a platform for likeminded Sikhs from all walks of life and aim to promote the LGBT Sikh cause. They believe there is no room for discrimination within the community for being who you are. They aim for local volunteers to commence Sarbat groups globally. Based in London, they organise events around the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Bradford and New York.

UK Black Pride – an organisation that hold an annual pride event

UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent. As well as the annual celebration during Pride month, they also run other activities throughout the year that promote and advocate for the spiritual, emotional and intellectual health and wellbeing of the communities they represent.

North East

Hidayah – an organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims

They offer social and support groups in Manchester, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Leeds. They campaign for the visibility of LGBTQI+ Muslims and work on educational projects and research to highlight the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims in the UK.

North West

African Rainbow Family – a charity that supports the BAME LGBTIQ community of African heritage

This not-for-profit charitable organisation supports LGBTIQ people of African heritage and the wider BAME community. It was established in 2014 in the wake of some Commonwealth countries in Africa’s draconian anti-gay laws; persecutions and environment which seek to criminalise LGBTIQ people. They support refugees and people seeking asylum, stand against hate crime and campaign for global LGBTIQ equality.

COLOURS Youth – a youth network for young LGBT+ people of colour in Manchester

A safe space for LGBT+ people of colour, aged 11 to 21 years. The youth group aims to address issues with young people regarding identity and explore issues relating to the BME community. The group meets once a month. They also organise an annual youth festival centering LGBT+ people of colour to connect with who they are and with other young people from across the UK.

Rainbow Noir – a support group for queer people of colour in Manchester

Rainbow Noir is a group established for and by queer people of colour in Manchester. The group is a space for socialising, discussions, activism, community organising and ensuring a presence so that queer people of colour’s voices are heard in Manchester. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm.

UoM QTIPOC - a university-based society for QTIPOC in Manchester 

The society aims to support QTIPOC by providing a safe space where QTIPOC students can socialise and meet other QTIPOC students around the campus, create useful dialogue and provide volunteering opportunities within the university.

Northern Ireland

We are currently unaware of any QTIPOC-inclusive organisations in this region. If you know of any, please let us know!


Hidayah – an organisation for LGBTQI+ Muslims

They offer social and support groups in Manchester, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Leeds. They campaign for the visibility of LGBTQI+ Muslims and work on educational projects and research to highlight the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims in the UK.

Scotch Bonnet – a collaborative group creating safe spaces for QTIPOC and allies in Scotland

The group aims to provide alternative creative and social spaces for QTIPOC and their allies to bring visibility and equality to QTIPOC in Scotland. They organise arts and night spaces which put QTIPOC at the forefront and create discussions about how race intersects with LGBTQI issues. They also aim to make white people better allies.

Shakti's Women's Aid – a domestic abuse charity

The organisation offers confidential help for BME women, children and young people who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse from a partner, ex-partner, and/or or other members of the household. They provide training and consultancy for agencies working with BME women, children and young people. They support BME women and under 18s who identify as LBTI.

South East

Allsorts BAMER / POC Youth Network - a network for LGBT+ BAMER/POC young people within Allsorts Youth Project.

Allsorts Youth Project holds a community network for LGBT+ young people under 26 years of age who identify as BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, or Refugee) / POC (people of colour). They run activities and workshops, focus groups, 1:1 support, performance events, and an annual residential trip. The network aims to create safe spaces for, and raise the voices of, the LGBT+ BAMER/POC youth community.

Brighton QTIPOC Narratives Collective – a social and campaign group for QTIPOC in Brighton

The collective started as a space for the community to gather and process their place in a whitewashed normative world. It has now because a place constructing a social imaginary based on communal spirit and collective responsibility amidst the incessant messages of self-help, self-care, and self-inadequacy issued by neoliberalism’s pundits.

Brownton Abbey – a social and performance group based in Brighton

Brownton Abbey is an Afro-futurist performance party of intersectional identities, where queer, trans and disabled people of colour lead the narrative. The drive was to flip power structures to create a world where queer people of colour were at the centre as opposed to the fringes. They aim to diversify queer interdisciplinary live art and performance-based theatre.

QTIPOC Brighton – a supportive network for QTIPOC in Brighton

The group is a safe space for QTIPOC, increasing visibility and representation of QTIPOC in Brighton. They are inclusive of all QTIPOC people of all ages, genders, sexualities, dis/abilities, education and class. The group is primarily used for networking and socialising.

NMWI (nomorewhiteignorance) – a campaign group based in Brighton

This is a community of people of colour and white allies fighting against racism. The aim is to create solidarity by gathering a community to call out cyber racism if either faced or witnessed.

Radical Rhizomes

Radical Rhizomes organise gatherings by and for queer, trans and intersex people of colour (QTIPoC) in Brighton & Hove. We offer the chance to make new connections via social engagement; share a meal, listen to an inspiring artist, enjoy a film, or take part in a creative activity. All our activities are free to take part in. If you identify as an LGBTQ+ person of colour, then we would love to welcome you to our meet-ups.

South West

Bristol Queer Muslims – a group for Muslim LGBTQI people who live in Bristol and the surrounding areas

This group aims to provide support and encouragement from other Muslim LGBTQI. They believe you don't have to choose between your religion and sexuality. The group has now joined the Hidayah organisation.

Kiki Bristol – a Bristol-based collective

The collective creates a space for LGBT+ people of colour in Bristol. They arrange nights for LGBT+ people of colour to meet, greet, eat, discuss, dance and more importantly feel free to be themselves.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Africa Rise – an online space for African gay, bi and other MSM (men who have sex with men)

Africa Rise is an online space developed by Yorkshire Mesmac and NAZ Project London – two leading charities providing health services and resources for BAME communities. The aim is to develop the country’s first online platform that will pool together a wide range of HIV and testing information, as well as personal support and legal advice aimed at African MSM. They use film as a method for African MSM to share their experience, personal stories and concerns through video testimonials.

The Bayard Project – a Leeds-based group supporting BME LGBT+ individuals

It is a NPO social and support group based in Leeds interested in the issues of BME LGBT communities. TBP creates a fun, safe and inclusive space in Leeds. They also provide support for those who may feel alienated from the LGBT communities or BAME communities. They hold monthly meetups, provide ongoing support, promote positive mental and sexual health and organise social outings.

QTIPOC Nation – a Leeds-based social group for BAME LGBTQI people

The group aims to address the lack of safe spaces for QTIPOC in Leeds. They create a safe social space where they can be themselves and connect with others who can relate to their experiences. They aim to foster a space that is respectful, inclusive and compassionate to all. It creates a space to celebrate as well as to address experiences of racism or prejudice. They are a non-commercial and alcohol-free space. They meet once a month.

QTIPOC Leeds - a supportive space for QTIPOC at University of Leeds 

The group provides a space for QTIPOC and aim to uplift these voices and increase the visibility of this community. They run coffee hours and host meetups. 

Our Space Leeds - a community hub for QTIPOC from and around Leeds

They hosted Leeds first ever QTIPOC-led Vogue Ball with the support of Red Bull which included LSDXOXO and Pxssy Palace as judges. They also run weekly QTIPOC workshops and a monthly potluck called Late Night Tea, which is a sober space.


Glitter Cymru – a social group for BAME LGBT+ in Wales

The group has a social meet up every month for BAME people who identify as LGBT+. The group aims to create a safe space for the community to express themselves and to be heard and seen. The group organises film screenings and events. In particular they organised the first BAME Pride in Wales that began in 2016 aiming to showcase BAME LGBT+ voices, identities and talents in Wales.

West Midlands

Birmingham South Asians LGBT – Finding A Voice – a social support group for South Asian LGBT+ communities in Birmingham and the surrounding areas

The organisation is working to change attitudes towards LGBT+ South Asians and help eradicate LGBTphobia. Finding A Voice aims to create a positive experience with an informal, welcoming atmosphere, providing a platform to speak up, find your voice and to gain recognition. They meet every third Wednesday of the month. Alongside British Asian LGBTI they organised the first ever South Asian LGBTI conference in Birmingham.

UNMUTED – a group for QTIPOC based in Birmingham

The group is a co-created and community directed social and peer support network in Birmingham for people of colour who identify as LGBTQI. It provides support through social groups, education programmes, events and online resources. They aim to address the need for more non-alcohol focused social spaces for the LGBTQI community by providing regular meet ups in Birmingham

Persian LGBT – a volunteer organisation which aims to support asylum seekers

The organisation aims to bring the newly arrived asylum seekers and refugee LGBT members of the community together to develop a welcoming and safe place environment for them all in the UK. Members are welcome regardless of their age, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or religion. It aims to improve self-esteem, confidence and unity among its members by working with surrounding LGBT communities and organisations around the country.

QTIPOC Youth Bham – a youth group for BAME/POC LGBTQ+

A group in Birmingham that provides a community service for BAME/POC LGBTQ+ young people from 11-19. They share about activists and icons, advice and services.


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