Adnoddau Cynhadledd Gweithle Stonewall Cymru 2020 | Scotland
Chwaraewch Ran
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Adnoddau Cynhadledd Gweithle Stonewall Cymru 2020

Diolch am fynychu ein Cynhadledd Gweithle 2020.


Isod gweler cyflwyniadau o'r diwrnod. Mae pob ddogfen mewn ffurff PDF. 

A1 Understanding and championing bi identities in the workplace

A2 Supporting the mental health and well-being of your LGBT employees

A3: Recruiting and supporting diverse network group membership

A4: Meaningful action on a budget

B1: Understanding the experience of LGBT disabled people

B2: Creating workplaces that are inclusive of BAME LGBT people

B3 Engaging allies in LGBT network group activities

B4 Empowering all staff to champion trans inclusion