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Chwaraewch Ran

Vaneet speaks about #BisexualMenExist and why bi visibility is so important

CW: asylum, mental health. Today is Bi Visibility Day and we've asked Vaneet Mehta, a bi activist, to tell us what it means to him. This year, Vaneet's hashtag #BisexualMenExist trended worldwide and...

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Over 100 major companies join together to say trans rights are human rights

Disney, Microsoft UK and Aviva among 136 organisations to stand up for trans equality Diverse range of businesses from finance to education take part...

Pedwar ymgyrchydd ifanc LHDT y dylech chi wybod amdanyn nhw

Maria Munir

Mae pandemig COVID-19 wedi effeithio ar rai pobl lesbiaidd, hoyw, deurywiol a thraws (LHDT) yn galetach. Mae'r argyfwng byd-eang wedi gwaethygu sefyllfa llawer o bobl LHDT. O Hwngari i Uganda, Gwlad...

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Show Your Pride

With LGBT communities experiencing terrible impacts and inequality getting worse, it’s vital that we Come Out for LGBT equality together to show our Pride. We can’t come together in person, but we can bring our communities together online. We can still mourn for the loved ones we’ve lost, we can...

Stonewall Scotland statement on reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Colin Macfarlane, Director, Stonewall Scotland said: ‘At a time of unprecedented crisis, it’s right the Scottish Government is doing everything they...

COVID-19: Stand in solidarity with the LGBT community

Paul Twocock

I hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe during this difficult period. I wanted to share with you Stonewall’s response to the impacts of Covid-19 on LGBT communities, to say thank you for...


COVID-19 update: adapting Stonewall’s work

Stonewall staff

Like everyone, the team at Stonewall are thinking through how we adapt to the situation we find ourselves in. The safety of our staff, the people we support and work with always comes first. As a...

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COVID-19 – How LGBTQ-inclusive organisations can help

Maria Munir

COVID-19 and the lockdown have had a huge impact on all of our lives. Some parts of the LGBTQ+ community have been particularly hard hit. But there are organisations and support services ready to...

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Now’s the time to stand up for trans equality in Scotland

Chances are if you’ve read a newspaper, gone on the internet, or turned on the TV at all, you’ve probably seen some shocking headlines about trans people lately. The sad reality is that there a lot...


LGBT History Month: trans people have always been here

Lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people have always existed and always will exist. We are not going anywhere, and we’re certainly not a trend. In the face of rising homophobia, biphobia and...

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