Bi+ Empowerment programme
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Bi+ Empowerment programme

Stonewall Scotland’s one-day Bi+ Empowerment programme is open to all individuals who identify under the bi umbrella and is designed to support individuals with identifying how they want to, and can make a difference for, bi+ people wherever they live, shop, work, pray or socialise.

Programme aim

The programme aims to:

  • Celebrate the diversity of the bi+ community and recognize the common lived experiences shared by members of the community;
  • Explore radical self-care and build new ways of practicing it,
  • build their confidence to connect with, influence and enable others in their environments to be themselves and achieve their full potential.

Who is this programme for?

The programme is open to all individuals who identify under the non-monosexual/romantic umbrella: e.g. bisexual/biromantic, pansexual/panromantic, fluid, omnisexual/omniromantic, polysexual/polyromantic and queer.

We are looking for a diverse range of participants for this programme and would love to hear from LGBT individuals from a range of ethnic backgrounds, people of faith, disabled people, women and non-binary people – and of course those who are at the intersections of these identities.

Why participate in this programme?

Bi+ people face significant challenges including; invisibility, exclusion, biphobia and a lack of support and understanding from friends, family and colleagues. We know that bi+ people suffer six times higher rates of mental ill-health, and these statistics, and the stories we hear from the bi+ community, show that there is still much to be done to achieve acceptance without exception for bi+ people.

Attendees on our programmes have gone on to speak at events and conferences, organize national networks, deliver workshops and participate in the Stonewall Scotland School Role Models programme.

I am very excited to use today’s programme and some of the network links I have gained today to step this up 

Attendee, 2018

Being in a room full of other bi people … is so validating 

Attendee, 2018

Read some more testimonies of our Bi+ Empowerment Programme Alumni here


Book your place for 2020 - Our new digital programme! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our programme in 2019. 

We'd originally planned to host our 2020 Bi+ Empowerment Programme in Inverness, but due to the global pandemic we had to put a hold on our face-to-face programme. 

Instead, we're delighted to announce that we'll now be hosting this programme digitally! Please note that due to the popularity of this course we are only able to offer 20 spaces for these digital community programmes and these spaces will be available to people via an application form, which can be found below via the hyperlink. 

Thursday 26 November 2020 - via Zoom - please fill in our application form

If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch with us at or on 0131 474 8019.