Find out more about the benefits of being a Diversity Champion, including enhancing your brand and reputation, recruitment and retention, and mitigating risks.
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What you can do

The Business Case

There is a clear business case to focus on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace:

Brand and reputation

  • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity to your staff, community, customers and clients.
  • Network with employers in your sector, mark yourself out as a leader in your area and benefit from cross sector networking.
  • Benefit from brand loyalty by showing your support for the LGBT community, accessing a market worth £70 billion a year.
  • The public sector procurement market is worth 15% of GDP, or £220 billion. The Equality Act requires private sector companies to demonstrate their diversity credentials in winning public sector contracts.

Recruitment and retention

  • Compelling evidence shows that people perform better when they can be themselves.
  • Workplaces that are truly inclusive attract and retain staff who are more creative, productive and able realise their full potential.
  • EY conclude that organisations rated highly for diversity and inclusion report better results – 57% better team collaboration, 19% greater retention rates, 45% better chance of improving market share, 70% more likely of success in new markets.
  • Being a Stonewall Diversity Champion would give access to a whole new talent pool through a free profile in the Starting Out Careers Guide. Promoting your inclusive workplace culture to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual graduates and students. (Estimated value £2,500)
  • Advertise job opportunities on Stonewall’s Proud Employers website - exclusive for Diversity Champions the webpage receives 60,000 visitors per year.
  • Receive support in effectively engaging with all staff about the importance and effectiveness of diverse workplaces – advice on internal communication and signposting towards examples of good practice and innovation.
  • Facilitate staff development through Stonewall Scotland’s Role Models and LGBT Allies programmes.

Risk mitigation

  • Avoid bottom-line costs for employers in legal fees, recruiting, inducting and training new staff, and regaining the trust of key stakeholders. So far, £120,000 is the largest sum awarded by an employment tribunal for sexual orientation discrimination. There is no limit to the amount that can be awarded.
  • Equality Act - all publicly funded bodies must show how they proactively consider the needs of LGBT staff and service users.
  • The Scottish Public Duties mean employers must set clear equality outcomes as well as work with the LGBT community and collect data on their performance.