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Three screenshots of TikTok videos: two people of colour and one white person speak to camera

Hear LGBTQ+ young people in their own words

We’re running an inclusive education campaign to help build a future where all LGBTQ+ children and young people are safe, seen and heard. But LGBTQ+ young people are all too often left out of conversations about their lives and identities – that’s why we want to #HearQueerYouth!  

We asked a range of LGBTQ+ young people to tell us all the important things they wish older people understood about them and their experiences, and you can see their responses below.

We’ll be updating this page with new content regularly, so keep checking in! And don’t forget to get involved in the conversation using the hashtag #HearQueerYouth




Find out more about our campaign for LGBTQ-inclusive education: #HearQueerYouth.