Stonewall Scotland | Campaigning to remove historical convictions from records
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Campaigning to remove historical convictions from records

Since 1 October 2012 people in England and Wales with some convictions and cautions for consensual gay sex have been able to apply to the Home Office to have these offences removed from their criminal records. We have begun discussions with the Scottish Government to allow similar procedures to be introduced in Scotland.

Stonewall campaigned hard for the repeal of laws that criminalised gay sex, and we continue to campaign to have those consensual gay sex convictions deleted from people’s records. The inclusion of these unfair former offences on the criminal records of thousands of gay men stigmatises them and puts many off volunteering or applying for jobs that required a criminal record check.

If you would like to support this work or share your story, or for further information please contact Stonewall Scotland 0131 474 8019 or email