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Same-sex married couples and civil partners are treated in exactly the same way as widowers under all public service pension schemes, private sector contracted-out occupational pension schemes and the pension protection fund rules. These rules cover what happens when a pension scheme goes bust. This means that a survivor’s pension is paid to a surviving spouse or civil partner based on members contributions on their service back to 1988.

For other schemes, UK law requires that schemes take into account service from 5 December 2005 onwards when calculating survivors’ benefits for same sex married couples or civil partners.

The only area where same-sex married couples or civil partners may find that they receive different treatment from heterosexual spouses is in the area of survivor benefits for non-contracted-out pension schemes. This is where an employer may choose voluntarily to offer more than the statutory minimum. The government doesn’t regulate for these schemes and it is a matter for the employer’s discretion. The majority of employers have opted to treat all employees equally, regardless of sexual orientation. Stonewall strongly encourages employers to do this.

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