Information lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and for same-sex couples on registering a marriage or civil partnership
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Registering a marriage or civil partnership

For both civil partnerships and marriages in Scotland you must submit notice forms to the registrar in the three-month period prior to the date of the marriage or civil partnership and no later than 29 daysbefore that date.

Forms for giving notice can be obtained from any registrar.

Same-sex marriages can be performed by registrars and by religious and belief bodies that agreed to do so. If you want your marriage performed by a religious or humanist celebrant you need to contact them first and then contact the registry office about submitting notice.

You must also contact the person performing your civil partnership before completing the notice of civil partnership if you are having a religious or beleif celebrant.

More information is available on the National Records of Scotland and can be found here;

Register a civil partnership
Register a marriage