Information on how you can get involved with Stonewall Scotland as a public service provider, including research, guidance and training.
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What you can do

Public Services

Public services are just that - services provided by the government to the public. But many people still face discrimination, poor treatment and a lack of consideration from those who deliver services, in spite of legislation that aims to prevent this.

Providing the best services for LGBT people

1 in 6 LGBT people in Scotland have faced discrimination from a service provider in the last three years

In an era of tight budgets and austerity, there’s no place for providing costly services which aren’t at their most effective, or aren’t reaching some groups of people. Unfortunately, Stonewall Scotland's research suggests that one in six LGBT people in Scotland have faced discrimination from a service provider in the last three years.

Your Services Your Say: LGBT people's experiences of public services in Scotland (2014)

Your Services Your Say - consultation report (2014)

In April 2011 a new public duty was introduced, meaning the public sector must proactively consider the needs of LGBT staff and service users and make sure that no part of their service is discriminatory. To provide the right services, it is necessary to understand the requirements of service users, so that inclusive and efficient services can be designed.

Stonewall Scotland has produced a number of guides and resources to support public service providers to better understand and meet the needs of their LGBT service users.




Work with us

Through our Diversity Champions Programme Stonewall Scotland works with public authorities across Scotland, including the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Boards, Universities and Colleges, and Local Authorities. With membership starting from £2,500 this programme supports you to ensure an inclusive working environment for LGBT staff and to better engage with your local LGBT community.

Stonewall Scotland additionally runs public sector engagement events including roundtables and seminars - for information about how to get involved with this programme contact


Stonewall Scotland's online learning resource is a free tool for public service providers to train and engage staff on LGBT equality issues.

LGBT People and Public Services

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