Stonewall Scotland Statement on First Minister's Apology to Gay and Bi Men
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Stonewall Scotland statement on First Minister's apology to gay and bi men

  • First Minister apologises on behalf of the Scottish Government for the historic criminalisation of gay and bi men. 

  • Scottish Government Bill will allow for historic convictions to be removed from criminal records

'The First Minister’s apology today is an important moment, both for the LGBT community and for Scotland. Gay and bi men in Scotland were criminalised for a very long time simply for who they were and who they loved. Today’s apology will give a great deal of comfort to many who were unjustly prosecuted, and will help draw a line, once and for all, under a dark period in Scotland’s history. 

As well as the hurt and damage that came with being prosecuted for these crimes, many men have carried a criminal record with them their whole lives as a result. We’re very pleased to see that this bill includes provision for these unjust convictions to be wiped from criminal records, and a pardon, both for those living and deceased.'