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NHS Scotland LGBT inclusion project: resource pack

Stonewall Scotland has been working in partnership with NHS Scotland since 2016 to create more inclusive environments for LGBT staff and service users.

This partnership has achieved a significant amount over its first two years, working with the Scotland's NHS Health Boards to submit to the Workplace Equality Index 2018, providing essential guidance and support for NHS Scotland Equality & Diversity Leads, and tackling key healthcare inequalities experienced by LGBT people in Scotland.

The following page provides a range of resources to support the Scottish NHS Health Boards to continue to build more LGBT-inclusive environments in their workplaces and services.

Workplace resources

LGBT workplace stories

Interviews with LGBT role models from a variety of roles and sectors.

Standing up for LGBT inclusion

A guide for senior champions on supporting LGBT inclusion across your organisation.

Securing senior buy-in

A toolkit for engaging senior leaders in LGBT inclusion.

The employee lifecycle

A guide to attracting, recruiting, supporting and developing diverse talent at your organisation.

Inclusive Policy Toolkit

Auditing, communicating and implementing LGBT-inclusive policies.

Part one: Embedding LGBT inclusion in all policies

Part two: Discrimination, bullying and harassment policies

Part three: Family and leave policies

Part four: Trans inclusion policies

Getting equalities monitoring right

Stonewall Scotland guide to equalities monitoring for public, private and third sector organisations in Scotland.

Trans workplace series

A series of guides on supporting trans staff in the workplace.

First steps to trans inclusion

Communicating commitment to trans inclusion

Creating a transitioning at work policy

Trans-inclusive policies and benefits

Engaging all staff in trans inclusion

Getting it right with your trans service users and customers

Scottish role models

Stonewall Scotland resource sharing powerful and inspirational stories from LGBT people across Scotland.

10 steps to LGBT-inclusive communications

Stonewall Scotland guide of how to tackle LGBT-inclusive communications within your organisation.

Service delivery resources

Service Delivery Toolkit

A four-step guide for developing LGBT-inclusive services.

Step one: Beginning the journey

Step two: Monitoring and consultation

Step three: Training frontline staff

Step four: Communicating an inclusive service

Delivering LGBT-inclusive phone services

A briefing on understanding and removing the barriers LGBT service users can face accessing phone services.

Delivering LGBT-inclusive digital services

A briefing on understanding and removing the barriers LGBT service users can face accessing digital services.

Delivering LGBT-inclusive face-to-face services

A briefing on understanding and removing the barriers LGBT service users can face accessing face-to-face services.

Meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty

Stonewall Scotland guide to help you meet your obligations to LGBT people under the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Stonewall research

LGBT in Britain series

Lived experiences of LGBT people in Britain based on YouGov polling of more than 5,000 people.

Hate Crime and Discrimination Report (2017)

Trans Report (2018)

Work Report (2018)

Work Report - Scotland (2018)

Home and Communities Report (2018)

Health Report (2018)

Unhealthy Attitudes (2015)

Stonewall's research with YouGov into the attitudes of health and social care workers towards LGBT service users and colleagues.

Unhealthy Attitudes Scotland (2015)

Stonewall Scotland report into the treatment of LGBT people within health and social care services in Scotland.

Unhealthy Attitudes Scotland: roundtable report (2016)

Your Services Your Say: consultation report (2014)

Stonewall Scotland report which served as a benchmark for Scotland's public sector in 2014.

Your Services Your Say (2014)

LGBT people's experiences of public services in Scotland.