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Election 2016

What our priorities were for the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections


Scotland has come a long way for LGBT equality, but we must not be complacent.

In the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections we asked all parties to show their commitment to creating a more equal Scotland, to ensure that wherever they live, work, socialise or pray, LGBT people can be accepted without exception. 

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Stonewall Scotland campaigned for:

  • An education system grounded in equality, where LGBT young people feel, safe, included and respected

LGBT inclusion in the curriculum can no longer be viewed as best practice, but rather an essential part of preparing young people for life in modern Scotland, and central to creating a healthy school environment. We’re calling for commitments to train teachers to address LGBT issues across the curriculum and to tackle LGBT bullying.

  • Fair treatment for LGBT people in public services

LGBT people continue to face discrimination and poor treatment from the services that many take for granted, be that housing, local authority services, or even health and social care and mental health services. We’re calling for a commitment to train frontline health and social care staff to understand the health needs of LGBT people.

  • Tackling hate crime against LGBT people

It is unacceptable that in modern Scotland people continue to be targeted simply because they are seen to be different. Too often, LGBT people are abused for the way they look, for holding hands with a loved one, or for just coming out of the “wrong” pub. We’re calling for a review of how existing measures to tackle hate crime are working.

  • A review of laws affecting trans people

62 per cent of trans people in Scotland have experienced transphobic harassment from strangers in public. We’re calling for better legal protection and rights for trans people, as well as a review of the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland.

  • Protecting LGBT rights here and abroad

Over 400 million people live under laws which punish same-sex sex with the death penalty. We’re calling for the next Scottish Government to support LGBT groups internationally to develop and run their own campaigns.

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