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What you can do
London Pride 2016 credit Andy Tyler


Join us and show your support for LGBT people in the UK and across the world


In 2018, Stonewall went to 33 Prides across Britain - and met hundreds of people making a difference in their community.

From Swansea to Sunderland, and Edinburgh to Ely, we marched with LGBT people and allies, united by our vision of a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves.

Four people at a Stonewall stall in red t-shirts holding up red placards including 'I will speak up for QTPOC rights', 'Queer diaspora', 'I will stand up for LGBTQ rights in my faith space'.Five people gathered round a red placard which says 'I will stand up for what I believe in'

Highlights of 2018

We featured some groundbreaking campaigners in our 'Prides for All' series, celebrating the success of rural Prides like Midsomer Norton, and looking to the future with Bi Pride UK which will be happening for the first time in 2019. We also heard from Finding a Voice and KeshetUK on engaging communities that are often under-represented.

This relationship we're developing with Pride feels empowering and reassuring. 

Neil Leviton, KeshetUK

Pride isn't just about celebrating  - it's also about community strength, solidarity and support in the face of hostility.

That's why we featured Trans Pride South West. Held after Trans Awareness Week, it's a space to share resources through workshops and performances. It's about strengthening a community and its visibility - something every Pride has in common. 

'I am starting an LGBT+ support group at my Catholic school' - Tyler, DurhamRed placard which says 'I am the 1st out non-binary person in my workplace - I am here for my queer students and colleagues.'

For us, Pride is a chance to build community and solidarity.

Spencer Blackwell, Trans Pride South West

Prides are great ways for communities to come together. But we can champion LGBT equality in our communities all year round. Anyone can order a free #ComeOutForLGBT pack to get your community to show their support. Using #ComeOutForLGBT on social media can inspire others to play their part in the movement for LGBT equality too.

Organising a Pride in 2019?

Organising a Pride march, a community day, or other events is a great way to celebrate and reaffirm our communities' commitment to LGBT rights for all.

Doing something differently this year, or putting on a Pride for the first time? Get in touch at pride@stonewall.org.uk.

For questions about Youth Pride, find out more at Stonewall Youth Pride events.

Where can I find the dates for Prides 2019?

To see a complete list of Prides across the UK, check out the UK Pride Organisers Network. Anyone can have a local Pride event featured on the list.

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Get involved

Pride is a time for everyone to celebrate who they are, but also a time to take action. Here are some ways we can all play our part for LGBT equality.