Jayne Rowlands | Scotland
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Jayne Rowlands

Videographer and video producer

I’m Jayne. I identify as female, but at the same time, I don’t see gender in big black and white terms. It’s exciting to see young people making themselves heard and understood, and challenging what it means to be a ‘man’ or ‘woman’.

I am one of a multitude of people that fall under the label ‘trans’, and we are as much the same, and as different, as anyone else in society.  We are as flawed and as awesome as everyone else has the potential to be. There is far more to us than that one aspect of being trans.

The current negative media coverage of trans and non-binary equality is horrible.

We are still one of the minorities that it’s okay to kick downwards, dehumanise and deem ‘invalid’. 

Though I am now in a good place in life, it’s brought up all those feelings of self-loathing that very nearly ended my life and kept me living as a shell for so long. We are still one of the minorities that it’s okay to kick downwards, dehumanise and deem ‘invalid’. Like every major civil rights struggle that’s why we need our allies to be beside us, because to fight alone can be hugely overwhelming.

The Gender Recognition Act desperately needs reforming.  I could have applied for a certificate a long time ago, but I refuse to go through a system that is unfair and unfit for 2017. The idea that I would have to go through a lengthy and expensive process for a panel of self-described experts to decide if I am valid is insulting.

The Gender Recognition Act desperately needs reforming.

My advice to young trans and non-binary people is to understand that the world won’t always be your friend. But if you live true to yourself you will start to be able to release all that amazing potential bubbling inside of you.

Other people’s expectations and opinions are theirs, not yours.  Be patient with them in their struggle but at the same time be unapologetic.  You are already enough.

Twitter: @jayne_rowlands

If you live in England or Wales please take five minutes to write to your MP today. Tell them why you support trans equality and ask them to write to the government showing their support.