A Vision for Change
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'Some People Are Trans. Get Over It!' placard at Pride in London 2016 © Andy Tyler

A Vision for Change

Acceptance without exception for trans people

In February 2015, Stonewall announced that it was extending its remit to campaign for trans equality alongside lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) equality, following an extensive consultation with over 700 trans people.

One of the commitments Stonewall made was to recruit an advisory group, which would support Stonewall in its trans-specific work.

The Stonewall Trans Advisory Group held meetings throughout 2015 and 2016 to agree actions for Stonewall to take to support the advancement of trans equality.

A Vision for Change

‘A Vision for Change’ is the result of their efforts.

The document took over a year to draft. In February 2017, it was released for public consultation and the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group heard the feedback from hundreds of trans people across the UK.

The responses to the consultation are reflected in the final document, ‘A Vision for Change’.

It addresses the issues that most affect trans people and commits Stonewall to acting in line with the agreed ambitions.  

The document is based on a shared mission: that trans people have the right to live full and authentic lives at work, home and in public. Written and produced by the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, it underpins Stonewall’s work for trans equality until 2022.

A Vision for Change



If you have any questions about ‘A Vision for Change’, the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, or the work Stonewall does for trans equality generally, please e-mail us at trans@stonewall.org.uk.