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Chwaraewch Ran

Stonewall Scotland Network Group Masterclass

LGBT network groups are an organisation’s strongest resource for inclusion work. However, leading them is a demanding role. This masterclass event on 24 April in Glasgow will give you the leadership skills, practical knowledge and supportive network you need to succeed. From providing peer support...

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How you can make LGBT-inclusive health and social care a reality

Josh Bradlow

Our health is one of the most valuable things we have. Knowing that we have somewhere to turn when our health is in crisis is crucial. But for many LGBT people, this still isn’t the case. This...

NewyddionBlogHealth & social care

Beth i edrych allan amdani yn faniffestos y pleidiau ar gyfer yr etholiad

Stonewall staff

Dim ond ychydig dros wythnos sydd ar ôl tan ddiwrnod y bleidlais ar gyfer yr etholiad cyffredinol hwn. Mae pob un o’r prif bleidiau gwleidyddol bellach wedi cyhoeddi eu maniffestos. Mae’r rhain yn...

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Diwrnod Coffa Pobl Draws: beth a pham?

Trans Engagement Officer, Stonewall Cymru

Heddiw, 20 Tachwedd yw Diwrnod Coffa Pobl Draws, cafwyd ei sefydlu gan Gwendolyn Ann Smith yn 1999 i goffáu bywyd a marwolaeth Rita Hester, menyw draws ddu a lofruddiwyd yn Moston, Massachusetts...


Compulsory voter ID in elections

Laura Russell

This week, we have heard that the Government is planning to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters for all future parliamentary and English local elections. This would mean that in order to vote...

NewyddionBlogSocial exclusion

Historical Sexual Offences Act Comes into Effect

Today the Scottish Government launched the process for applying to have historical sexual convictions disregarded. Sophie Bridger, Campaigns Policy...

15 things LGBTQ people of colour want you to know

Stonewall's BAME/PoC Staff Network

The experiences of LGBTQ people of colour can often be misunderstood, and based on assumptions and prejudices. They can seem fully erased from LGBTQ stories. This Black History Month , some of...


QTIPOC organisations you should know about

Stonewall's BAME/PoC Staff Network

This Black History Month, our BAME/PoC Staff Network wanted to highlight some of the organisations, community groups and social spaces that are creating incredible work and support for QTIPOC people...


African sexuality and the legacy of imported homophobia

Leah Buckle

In June, Botswana overturned colonial-era laws which criminalised homosexuality, with the judge, Michael Leburu, declaring that “the anti-sodomy laws are a British import” and were developed “without...


World Athletics Championships: Solidarity with LGBT people in Qatar

As the World Athletics Championships in Doha kicks off today, we must use this opportunity to shine a light on the country’s treatment of LGBT people and remember that after the games are finished,...

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