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Chwaraewch Ran

How hiding my bi identity affected my mental health

Molly Maher

6 February is Time to Talk Day, an initiative by Time to Change that encourages everyone to be more open about mental health. Our Senior Campaigns Officer, Molly Maher, opens up about the mental...

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Newcastle City Council leads Stonewall’s top LGBT-inclusive employer list

Newcastle City Council is first ever local authority to claim number one spot Education, legal and government dominate Top 100 Most competitive Top...

Cam ymlaen i Addysg Cydberthynas a Rhywioldeb yng Nghymru

Yn ymateb i’r cyhoeddiad gan y Gweinidog Addysg , dywedodd Andrew White, Cyfarwyddwr Stonewall Cymru; 'Mae Stonewall Cymru heddiw yn croesawu’r...

A step forward for trans equality

Sophie Bridger

This week, the Scottish Government has released its draft bill for reform of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA). Please take 5 minutes to give your views on the Scottish Government's draft Bill to...


Equality organisations welcome Scottish Government draft bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act

Leading LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex) organisations in Scotland have welcomed the Scottish Government’s draft Gender Recognition...

How you can make LGBT-inclusive health and social care a reality

Josh Bradlow

Our health is one of the most valuable things we have. Knowing that we have somewhere to turn when our health is in crisis is crucial. But for many LGBT people, this still isn’t the case. This...

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Beth i edrych allan amdani yn faniffestos y pleidiau ar gyfer yr etholiad

Stonewall staff

Dim ond ychydig dros wythnos sydd ar ôl tan ddiwrnod y bleidlais ar gyfer yr etholiad cyffredinol hwn. Mae pob un o’r prif bleidiau gwleidyddol bellach wedi cyhoeddi eu maniffestos. Mae’r rhain yn...

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Diwrnod Coffa Pobl Draws: beth a pham?

Trans Engagement Officer, Stonewall Cymru

Heddiw, 20 Tachwedd yw Diwrnod Coffa Pobl Draws, cafwyd ei sefydlu gan Gwendolyn Ann Smith yn 1999 i goffáu bywyd a marwolaeth Rita Hester, menyw draws ddu a lofruddiwyd yn Moston, Massachusetts...


Compulsory voter ID in elections

Laura Russell

This week, we have heard that the Government is planning to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters for all future parliamentary and English local elections. This would mean that in order to vote...

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Historical Sexual Offences Act Comes into Effect

Today the Scottish Government launched the process for applying to have historical sexual convictions disregarded. Sophie Bridger, Campaigns Policy...


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