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Pride Month reflections from our departing vice chair, Simon Blake OBE

As part of our #ProuderTogether campaign, our departing vice chair Simon Blake has reflected on how much our movement has achieved in the past six years, and how much further we have to go. In 2015 I...

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Bristol Pride Without Borders

Bristol Pride Without Borders is a support group for Bristol-based LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees. We meet every 2 weeks and spend time together (online or by phone during Covid-19). We support...


Pride is still a protest – so let’s speak up

Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin

This Pride Month, we’re inviting members of our wonderfully diverse community to speak up on why we’re #ProuderTogether. To kick things off, Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, Stonewall’s Storytelling Lead,...

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Celebrating Us: why taking the UK Black Pride's inaugural Community Survey is so important.

With the deadline fast approaching for UK Black Pride’s inaugural survey of LGBTQI+ Black people and people of colour, we spoke to some of the incredible activists, organisers and creatives taking...


A message from Nancy Kelley (she/her), Stonewall’s CEO

Nancy Kelley

Today we set out a new chapter for Stonewall as we launch our 2021-5 Strategy: Free to Be. It’s almost a year since I took up the role of Chief Executive here at Stonewall. I’ve had so many rich and...

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Why we need to Come Out Voting for LGBT+ Equality

Colin Macfarlane

The election on Thursday 6th May is about the sort of Scotland we want to live in and an opportunity for politicians from across the political spectrum to stand up for LGBT+ people and our rights...

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5 areas of LGBT+ equality you need to know about

Megan Snedden

The Scottish Parliament election is fast approaching and it’s crucial that LGBT+ people and their allies are counted. Make your voice heard and ask your candidates to advocate for these five areas of...

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Stonewall statement on Margaret Lynch

Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall, and Colin Macfarlane, Director Stonewall Scotland and Northern Ireland, said, ‘We are appalled by the baseless and...

Who I am is unacceptable to some people in the healthcare system

Bi Role Model of the Year 2019: Hafsa Qureshi

This Bi Health Month we spoke with Hafsa (she/her) about her experiences in healthcare and heard about why bi inclusion is crucial for bi people’s wellbeing. This article talks about biphobia, and...

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How allies can challenge racism and LGBTQ+ phobia in sport

Stonewall staff

We spoke to Amazin LeThi and Michael Gunning – two Stonewall Sport Champion sports figures – about allyship in the sporting world and how everyone can play a part in tackling racism and LGBTQ+ phobia...



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