Campaign for LGBTQ-inclusive education: #HearQueerYouth | Scotland
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Person of colour with hair dyed in trans flag colours, draped in the rainbow flag, smiles at the camera

Campaign for LGBTQ-inclusive education: #HearQueerYouth

All LGBTQ+ children and young people deserve an education that reflects who they are. Join us in building a world where LGBTQ+ youth are safe, seen and heard.

The things we learn at school stay with us for a lifetime – and we’re not just talking maths.

In these critical years, we learn about ourselves, each other, and all the wonderful differences that make up our world. We also learn how we fit into this world. And every child, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves to feel they belong.

That’s why inclusive education is central to what we do at Stonewall. In fact, it’s the reason we exist. We were formed in 1989 in response to Section 28, a regressive piece of legislation which effectively banned the discussion of same-sex relationships and identities in schools across the UK and damaged generations of LGBTQ+ people.

While we were successful in repealing this harmful law, today we’re still working to ensure that LGBTQ+ people can realise their potential across their entire lives. That work begins with championing LGBTQ+ inclusion across schools and colleges. We want young people to enjoy an education that reflects who they are and provides the framework they need to grow into proud, self-assured adults.

We know from our work that an inclusive education can be life changing. And not just for LGBTQ+ people. Our research shows that all children and young people benefit when they learn about the broad and diverse range of people who make up their communities, when they understand the many different ways families can look, and when they feel recognised and respected by their teachers as well as their peers.

Find out below about the crucial work we perform with educational institutions across the UK – and join us in building a future where all children and young people feel safe, seen and heard.

Stop the threats to LGBTQ-inclusive education

Across Europe, anti-LGBTQ+ hate is rising, and inclusive education is under threat. Help us build a future where LGBTQ+ youth continue to have an education where they feel safe, seen and heard.

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LGBTQ-inclusive education - an illustrated timeline

LGBTQ-inclusive education - an illustrated timeline