Corinne Humphreys
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Corinne Humphreys

My name is Corinne Humphreys. I am an English sprinter, born and bred in the East End of London. I am 28 years young and have been involved in sports since I was nine years old.

I began my sporting career as a football player and then moved to basketball, but I figured out pretty quickly that my destiny was sprinting – I was always outrunning the boys in PE!

My most noteworthy accomplishments to date include a silver medal at the U23 European Championships, British University Gold Medalist, World University Games Finalist and Commonwealth Games semi-finalist. 

Corinne’s hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sports

I would like to see sportspeople at every level embrace their sexuality and be proud of who they are! As it stands, this is sometimes difficult due to competitive sports often taking place in countries where LGBT rights are unrecognised. However, it is important for the LGBTQ sporting community to show that we too have the right to feel comfortable, protected and celebrated just like the non-LGBTQ sporting community.

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